Experience You Can Count On

Ralph Apicella started his business in 1921 in Jersey City, New Jersey to service the New York Oriental rug importers. Persian Sarouk carpets with deep red backgrounds were being imported. The importers wanted these carpets red background colors stripped and then redyed with a softer red coloration after chemically washed.

In 1929, my maternal grandfather, Ralph Apicella designed and patented his "laundry machine" for washing oriental carpets. It was originally called a "Tank Wash" since it was basically a cylinder tank that rotated slowly and had reverse gears.

Below are photos of the drawings, a model and the actual 1st machine that is still in use at Roarty Rugs. His innovation didn't stop with the unique new laundry machine. For years he experimented with the rug cleaning process.

As a result, systematic cleaning procedures were created for all different types of Oriental rugs. Special cleaning chemical formula were developed, automatic and hand washing processes were refined, and rinse & drying methods were improved. Our entire operational capabilities have been advanced over several decades of hands-on experience.

Four Generations Of Commitment

The business is owned and operated by the third and fourth family generation. The lessons of the past and new innovations are the backbone of our service and reputation. We strive to be the best every day. Our plant has grown and additional equipment has been put in place to satisfy any customer request.

With five rug washing & soaking machines with capacities from 600 gallons up to 2400 gallons, and 20,000 square feet of space, we are one of the largest rug cleaning & restoration plants in the United States. We invite you to discuss your needs with us today.

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