Quality Rug Cleaning

Rugs are made to be used on your floors which means they will be walked on, spilled on and collect dirt and dust. Vacuuming helps keep some of the dirt out of your rugs, but that alone cannot do it all.

Rugs need to be professionally washed to remove the deep down dirt and grit that, if not removed, can cause the fibers of your rugs to break down by their abrasive nature, taking years away from your rugs useful life. You should have your rugs cleaned when ever they become soiled to the eye. If you can see dirt on the top of the rug, you can be sure that there is more deep down.

The condition, age, materials and dyes used to make Oriental and antique rugs vary and each must be taken into consideration when cleaning. Our four generations of hands-on experience enable us to carefully select the proper process to clean your rug.

With five rug washing & soaking machines with capacities from 600 gallons up to 2400 gallons, a wringer, a centrifuge and over 20,000 square feet of floor space, we are one of the largest rug cleaning & restoration plants in the United States. We invite you to discuss your needs with us today.

Rug Inspection - Before any rug is cleaned, it is inspected to determine any damage present and what processes are most appropriate for each unique rug. Damaged or dry rotted areas that might tear or unravel during cleaning are identified and strengthened by rough stitching burlap or white cotton fabric to these areas to protect the rug during the cleaning.

Shampoo & Hot Water Extraction - The rug is lathered by hand with our own shampoo formula and water, then put through an automatic machine which washes, rinses and removes excess water. This is the most common and inexpensive rug cleaning process in the industry.

Soap & Water Wheel Washing - This process is used primarily for more deeply soiled rugs. Depending on the inspection evaluation of the rug's condition, a cleaning process is prescribed unique to the rug. The rug is completely immersed and soaked in our specially made stainless steel tanks, agitated periodically during the soak, then the water is dumped completely and the tank is refilled with rinse water and special solutions.

The soak, agitate and rinse process is duplicated twice with some difference in solutions and water temperature. A final rinse is performed before the rug is placed in a large centrifuge and spun to extract the water from the carpet.

Special Care, Luster, Antique & Restoration Washing - The ultimate cleaning for fine Oriental rugs. Similar to the Water Wheel Washing above, but using exclusive formulas & processes to allow the water and cleaning solutions to penetrate freely into the deepest layer of the rug's nap, removing ground-in dirt without crushing the wool, and in most cases restoring the rug's original look & texture.

Rug Drying - We dry your rugs as carefully as we wash them. Immediately after washing, rinsing and water extraction, your rug is placed in a climate-controlled dry room. Both temperature and humidity are continuously monitored while the rug dries under optimum conditions.

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